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Grad Student Office Space Rules

Page history last edited by Eric G 3 years, 5 months ago

These rules became active June 14 2017.


0) Who do these rules apply to

  • astronomy grads
  • grads who are doing research in our department and are being supported by our professors count. This includes grads in other departments.  They count as normal students, and are the fiscal responsibility of the department. If there is uncertainty about who counts as a grad, check with the Department Manager.


1) The following offices are for 1st and 2nd years only: ISB 127, 201, 255, 293, 355. Older students are only permitted to stay in those offices if there are not enough 1st and 2nd years to fill them. Any changes to this list will be decided by the Grad Space Czar in conjunction with the Czar Czar.


2) Seniority: Office spaces are chosen by seniority by year. Within a year, grads state their preference, and if there is a conflict, the space is chosen randomly by the Grad Space Czar.  Grads whose office has been recategorized are given preference ahead of the rest of their class. (For example, if 3rd year Alice's office has been converted into a 1st and 2nd year office, Alice gets priority over 3rd year Bob, whose office has remained a 3rd+ year office.)


2b) Incoming first years are assigned desks randomly, after the rising 2nd years have chosen their desks.


3) Squatting rights: Nobody can make another graduate student move unless their office is assigned to postdocs/faculty, or their office recategorized as a junior/senior grad office, or the student isn't present (see Space Rule 4).


4) Students must be present at UCSC to maintain their squatting and seniority rights each year.  Being "present" is defined as having a reasonable expectation that in the upcoming year, you will work in your office at least 10 hours/week for at least 26 weeks. The Grad Space Czar and the Czar Czar shall decide when the above criteria have been met.


These rules are subject to change. If they need to be changed, it'll be done by the Grad Space Czar and the Czar Czar; any changes will then be discussed with the rest of the grads.


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