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Vision Care

Page history last edited by Brittany Miles 3 years, 5 months ago

UCSC Optometry

The student health center is right by the College 9&10 bus stop near the bridge to ISB. Optometry is located on the second floor of the student health center. You can make optometry appointments online. UCSHIP covers an eye exam and a portion of new glasses frames. UCSHIP "resets" in September, so you can get an eye exam and new frames at a reduced price once during the academic year and following summer.


Input from Eric:

Many of us go to EyeQ (http://www.eyeqsantacruz.com/).  It seems like people think they're okay, but maybe not great. Their frames are expensive, and don't seem to have as much variety in style as people would like.  Even with insurance, a set of lenses + frames cost me ~$200 there.


There's also a small vision section to the on-campus health center.  Their hours are pretty limited (I think?), and their selection of frames is minimal.  But it's convenient, and might be able to get you a new pair of glasses really quickly?


My lenses took 3+ weeks to be made, which can be a problem if you need replacements ASAP.  If you want a coating (e.g. anti-glare), I think it has to be done at a special place managed by our insurance. Not sure what the best way to reduce that delay time would be (get non-coated lenses? get lenses from the university eye care place?)

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