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Czarships are our mechanism for self-governance and "grad community service". Grads move among czarship roles on a yearly rotation; most are chosen in September just before the start of the academic year. Everything is strictly on a volunteer basis, and czarships range from pretty involved (admissions, head TA) to pretty low-key (beer, FLASH, colloquium lunches). 


A list of the current czar identities

And a living document explaining the duties of each czarship



Old lists


2011-2012 Czar List

Czar Czars - Valery & Robert

Jr Czar Czar -  Anna

RSI - Rosalie

Head TA - Claire

NICS - Elizabeth

Astro - Jennifer

Colloquium Supplies - Katie

Colloquium Lunches - John & Rodolfo

Morning Coffee - Nathan

Grad Store - Caroline & Srikar

Telescope - Jacob, Mark, Justin, & Elizabeth

Space - Anna & Hassen

Ask-An-Astronomer - Stefano

Prospective - Angie, Katie, Rodolfo, & Laurel

GSA - Eric

Mentor - Jill Naiman

Beer - T, Eric

FLASH -Nathan

Admissions - (nominees - Anne, Mark, James, Robert), selected - James


2010-2011 Czar List

Czar Czar - Mark

Jr Czar Czar - Angie

RSI - Rosalie

Head TA - Claire

NICS - Luke

Astro - Jerome

Colloquium Supplies - Anna

Colloquium Lunches - Jerome & Nathan

Morning Coffee - Rachel

Grad Store - Feña

Telescope - Jacob, Mark, John, Morgan, Anna

Space - Robert

Ask-An-Astronomer - Stefano (helpers - Claire, Eric, Nathan, Michele, Judy, Jerome, Angie, Rachel, Robert)

Prospective - Valery, Judy, John

GSA - Eric

Mentor - Anne

Beer - Jenn & Caroline

FLASH - Kevin

Admissions - (nominees - Kevin, Robert, James, Anne, Michele), selected - Kevin


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