Travel Reimbursements

For help with travel reimbursements, consult graduate advisor David Sugg. General advice is listed below.


One can apply for a reimbursement before a trip by using the travel advance form (right click, save as...).  This is helpful e.g. if you buy an expensive plan ticket months before a trip. Note that a post travel reimbursement form must then be completed upon returning.


Whether or not a travel advance form is completed, one must complete a post travel expenses form (right click, save as...) for reimbursement after returning from a trip.


Note the following:



Typically, travel is paid for by a student's advisor, but if the student does not have an advisor, or an advisor is unwilling to pay for travel, funding is available from the Graduate Student Association (GSA).

GSA Travel Grants: up to $500, typically given as long as the form is filled out correctly.