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Eating On Campus

The choices on campus are very spread out and often closed during campus breaks. You can find the full list of available eateries and their schedules on the UCSC Dining Website.


Brick-and-mortar food places near the top of campus:

  • The OWL's Nest @ Kresge College - Be aware that they do not serve certain breakfast items (Ex. $5 dollar breakfast burrito) before 8:30am
  • Global Village Cafe @ McHenry Library. You can place your order online and pick it up in the express line to avoid lines.
  • Banana Joe's @ Crown College. There is a dining hall nearby so there is typically no line for this place.
  • Vivas @ Merrill College
  • Near the Book Store:
    • The Bay Tree Express Store - coffee, muffins, cookies, frozen meals, sandwiches, etc. 
    • Cafe Iveta - This place is on the expensive side, but more likely to be open during campus breaks. They sell beer.


Dining Halls:

The complete list of UCSC dining halls. The closest dining hall to ISB/CFAO is the College 9 & 10 Dining Hall (right under Terra Fresca). The Kresge/Porter Dining Hall has a nice outside view of the Porter meadow. During finals week students can eat at the dining hall for $5.


Food Carts

Raymond's Catering serves the Physical Sciences building site (12:00 PM - 2:00 PM), serving Mexican food and sandwiches and burgers. They post updates on their facebook page.


Cruz N Gourmet serves the School of Engineering. Cruz N Gourmet is present in the Baskin Engineering Circle from 11:45 AM - 1:30 PM. They post updates on their facebook page.



There are a few places that will deliver to campus or elsewhere, e.g. Grubhub, Doordash. Try to order delivery/pickup from local restaurants, which are suffering reduced clientele amid the coronavirus crisis!


Highly biased favorites around town



Charlie Hong Kong





Cafe Brasil






Lago di Como



Downtown: Trader Joe's, New Leaf

West side: New Leaf, Safeway, Food Bin

East side: Shopper's Corner, Staff of Life, Whole Foods, the sketchy Safeway by Morrissey

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