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General info on our insurance:

  • Cleanings + routine appointments are free/close to free -- please use them!
  • Before you go, you should print out your dental insurance card (NOT your health insurance card from Anthem).  That process is a bit opaque, so here it is: As of 2015 this can be done by going to https://www.deltadentalins.com/ where you start by clicking "Register Today" in the top right.  When they ask you for "Enrollee ID" it'll be the "Identification Number" on your Anthem Blue Cross card WITHOUT the first few letters. (E.g. my Anthem card ID is "XDP8012..." so for the dental insurance, I use the number "8012...")  They never actually tell you the trick with the letters, but the dentist office seemed to know it.
  • You can find copay info online pretty easily


Places which have been recommended in the past:


Dr. Torres (http://www.drauramarcelatorres.com/)

  • "She's the best one I've found in town, and takes our insurance."
  • "I know some amusingly large number of astro grads go to Dr. Torres (because we all sent an email like this at some point and I think [someone] started the trend of recommending her) and everyone has been happy with the service." 
  • "A bunch of us go to Dr. Torres. (http://www.drauramarcelatorres.com) She's wonderful. I've had both cleanings and cavities filled there; the cleanings are completely free (on our GSHIP insurance) and both sets of cavities (2 sets of 2) cost me about half of the total rate, or about $100-120 (rest paid by the insurance). She also deals with the fact that I'm a total baby about a needle going into my mouth. " 
  • "For dentist I go to Dr. Aura Torres. Neither she nor her hygienists have ever made me bleed." 


Santa Cruz Pacific Dental

  • I went to Santa Cruz Pacific Dental. Almost everyone recommends them. Good for people with dental anxiety. However the IV sedation is not cheap. $1000 the last time I checked with them." 


the practice of Alan Heit + Jesica Heit

  • "They are on the same downtown block as the library, so convenient, and I have gotten great service from them so far (several cleanings and x-rays, and 1 cavity filled).  As normal with our insurance, one has to pay something like 20% of each visit as a copay." 

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