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How to use a UCSC Purchase Order at Costco

Page history last edited by Eric G 2 years, 10 months ago


Maybe your czarship requires that you buy something in bulk on behalf of the department.  One option would be to pay for it yourself, and get the department to reimburse you, but this is more difficult for the admins in the department.  So instead they create a Purchase Order (PO) for your item, print it out, and give it to you.  Now what do you do?




  1. Find someone with a Costco membership and go to Costco with them. Bring the physical, printed PO.
  2. Get your desired items. **If you have a set budget ("Not to Exceed"), then make sure to leave about $5 of extra wiggle room.  You shouldn't be charged tax, but there might be a PO fee.
  3. Get in a checkout line.
  4. Before any item is check, tell the cashier that you are going to use a PO. Otherwise they have to start over.
  5. Follow the cashier's instructions. In general, this includes giving them the physical PO, and signing on the form they give you.  You should not have to pay for the item -- that's the point of the PO.
  6. They will give you a receipt, and a copy of the form you just signed.  Bring those back, and give it to the admin who created the PO. 

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