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How to make department coffee

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How to make a dank* cup of Joe


*well, maybe "just barely passing". If you want truly dank coffee, ISB 159 recommends pour-overs.


  1. Get the coffee grounds from the Coffee Czar[s] (or Zack's office, ISB 201).
  2. Go to the physics mailroom (the one with the kitchen)
  3. Use the big coffee maker in the corner, to the right of the sink. Do not press any buttons. It works automatically.
  4. Pull out any filters and throw them out.
  5. Get a fresh filter from the cabinet above the coffee maker. Preferably use the biggest filter size available. Put it in the filter holder for the coffee maker.
  6. Add grounds to the filter. We're not very scientific about this stage -- maybe fill the filter thing 1/3 - 1/2 way?  Put the filter + grounds into the coffee maker
  7. Use the water measurer near the coffee makers.  Use the sink to fill the container to the line (drawn in marker).  Pour into the top of the coffee maker.
  8. While waiting, rinse out one of the big carafes.  
  9. Wait until coffee stops dripping into pot (~5-10 minutes).
  10. Pour coffee from pot into carafe. You probably need to take out the big metal straw-like thing.
  11. If it's for colloquium, or we've been running out of coffee recently or you expect a big turnout, then make a second pot.  You can probably reuse the same grounds; just add more water I guess (do instructions 7-9
  12. Bring coffee grounds back to Coffee Czar[s].
  13. Bring coffee carafe back to mailroom.


Feel free to modify these instructions as you see fit.


What to do if we're running low on coffee

Tell the coffee czar[s]!


They'll probably get a PO from a department admin, and buy more coffee at Costco. (See How to use a UCSC Purchase Order at Costco).  Most of the coffee at Costco is beans, but there are a few pre-ground options.

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