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Grad Store

Page history last edited by Eric G 3 years, 2 months ago

ISB 201 contains candy, soda, microwaveable meals and other assorted foods available for purchase. The prices are listed above the candy and on the refrigerator door.


Please do not disrupt the students in the office when purchasing food. If the door is closed, always unlock the door on your own (same as all office keys). Do not attempt to get the attention of someone inside to let you in. It is a burden on the graduate students there already.


The inventory is generally from Costco, so if you have a suggestion for the grad store to stock, tell the Grad Store Czars.


The Grad Store is financially self-sustaining. It also funds beer and snacks for beer hour, as well as the cost of the grad retreat. 


ISB 201 also contains a surfboard. If you deem it seaworthy, you are welcome to borrow it.


Beer Hour

Beer Hour is funded by the Grad Store and occurs every Friday at 5PM at the table between ISB and CfAO. $1 for all beers, except when they aren't... ($2 for Guinness). Snacks are free. 


The Grad Student Commons hosts a First Friday social on the first Friday of every month. It occurs at the Grad Student Commons (near Bookstore) at 5:30PM. 

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