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Weekly Seminars

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Departmental information, including a calendar, available here. Dates and places are not listed here since they're subject to change.



A talk from visiting astrophysicists on their chosen topic. All graduate students are ~required to attend. Students must enroll in Astronomy 292 to secure the room reservation. Attendance requirement is unclear.


Friday lunch time astrophysics seminar (FLASH)

A talk from visiting or local astrophysicists on their chosen topic. Be prepared for questions to make it last longer. Spring FLASHs are generally subsumed by required second-year graduate student department talks.  


PLunch (Planetary Lunch)

A talk on topics related to exoplanets. Ask Jonathan Fortney to be added to the email list.


IMPS (Inter[Stellar and Galactic] Medium Program of Studies)

A talk focusing on gas in and outside of galaxies in the local and distant universe held.


Cosmo Club

A talk focusing on extragalactic astronomy and cosmology.


Transient Lunch

A talk focusing on transients held. Ask Ryan Foley to be added to the email list.






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