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This page serves as a list of events that occur periodically in the department. Dates and places are omitted since they are subject to change.


UCSC astro Google calendar and event list with dates and places


Talks and seminars

  • Astronomy colloquium: A talk from visiting astrophysicists on their chosen topic. All graduate students are ~required to attend. Students must enroll in Astronomy 292 to secure the room reservation. Attendance requirement is unclear.
  • Friday lunch time astrophysics seminar (FLASH): A talk from visiting or local astrophysicists on their chosen topic. Be prepared for questions to make it last longer. Spring FLASHs are generally subsumed by required second-year graduate student department talks.
  • Planetary lunch (PLunch): A talk on topics related to exoplanets. Ask Jonathan Fortney to be added to the email list. 
  • Inter[stellar and galactic] medium program of studies (IMPS): A talk focusing on gas in and outside of galaxies in the local and distant universe held.
  • CosmoClub: A talk focusing on extragalactic astronomy and cosmology.
  • Transient lunch: A talk focusing on transients held. Ask Ryan Foley to be added to the email list.


Other events

  • Astro-phh coffee: Designed to be a daily department-wide discussion about recent academic papers available on Vox Charta and, more directly, the arXiv. Coffee is supplied by the department and made by the Coffee Czars. Graduate students, post-docs and faculty are welcome and encouraged. And anyone else! It is a great opportunity to talk about science your may or may not be interested, and to interact with your peers. We are striving for five minute talks about the gist of the paper, important plots, and background information. Reading abstracts is great too.
  • Equity & inclusion journal club: A journal/reading club dedicated to topics on equity, diversity, and inclusion. The first half is intended for small group discussion about a set of (usually peer-reviewed) papers on the topic decided for the month. This is followed by an open discussion for anyone who is interested. The goal is to develop an engaging discussion to strengthen our supportive and friendly environment.
  • Python coffee: During Astro-ph Coffee every other Thursdays (?), we hold a set of informal presentations and discussions on the subject of computation in astronomy. While Python is emphasized, anything computational in astronomy is welcome. Topics have included plot production, machine learning, insert-faster-language-here use in Python, data reduction tools and more. Ask Asher to be added to mailing list and have access to resources.
  • Cookies: A department-wide social event held (usually) prior to every colloquium. Graduate students provide the cookies (reimbursed) and coffee on a periodic schedule. The colloquium speaker is occasionally available to speak with there. It is a great opportunity to meet people in the department that you might not have a reason to.




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