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Printing and Mailboxes

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You can get set up to use the department copy-printer-scanners, with the printing cost billed to your PI's funding source.



CfAO on the 2nd floor  

Astro/UCO mailroom in ISB 260.



Copies are 6¢ per page for black and white, 18¢ per page for color. 


To sign up, contact Jenna Scarpelli with the following information:

Your name

Your office

Your CruzID

What FOAPAL(s) you should print from (ask your advisor)


(Jan 2019) Printing at UCSC works through a system called Pharos.  To get the right drivers installed on your computer, you are supposed to email <ps_copiers@ucsc.edu> to get an appointment for someone to physically come from IT (it used to be someone named "Lucie") and install the drivers for you.  They are kind of flaky, and it turns out you can download the drivers yourself from this website: https://support.soe.ucsc.edu/client-services/printing/pharos-macintosh

- If you do this, you will still need your ucsc username matched with the correct account codes.  I think it's called matching the right "FOAPAL".    Get the grad advisor to contact the copier program staff on your behalf to get this set up.


To log in on the second floor printer, use your ucsc id name (ex. rbowensr) for your username.  The password will be the last 4 numbers of your student id number.



In addition to a copy-printer-scanner, the Astronomy & Astrophysics mailroom in ISB 260 houses all mailboxes for grad students and faculty. The official campus mail stop for our department is UCO/Lick Observatory, so that your official campus mailing address could look like


Chris Mankovich

UCO / Lick Observatory

UC Santa Cruz

1156 High St.

Santa Cruz, CA 95064


You can also send outgoing mail from any mailroom where you see an official Campus Mail Services bag for outgoing mail. If a bag is present it'll be hanging on a hook near the door. This is a useful way to send mail between offices on campus (e.g., when submitting post-travel reimbursement forms), and you can mail beyond campus as long as you include postage. There are two different bags for these two categories as described by Campus Mail Services at https://www.cms.ucsc.edu/delivery-collection/index.html.



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