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Grad outreach leader as of Spring 2020: Ari.


PIE - Project for Inmate Education

Teach pre-algebra, algebra, and astronomy at the Santa Cruz county jail.


Telescope nights (star parties)


The department has 8 Dobsonian telescopes and a few others that we bring to events on campus and in the area.  If you're interested in helping out with star parties and learning some amateur astronomy, contact the current telescope czar to get on the mailing list.


School visits

Going to local classes to talk about astronomy and do fun activities.



The grads run the Lick Observatory ask-an-astronomer email:

askanastronomer [at] ucolick [dot] org



What When
Where Target group Grad organizer
Star parties


~ half a dozen times a year
  Middle school, elementary, undergraduates  
Noche de las estrellas

Listen to talks

Lick tour?

Lick Latino students Kevin
LAMAT Research January (Python bootcamp), summer (internship) Campus? Community college students and minotirites  
Prison inmate education (PIE) Teach astronomy and algebra   Santa Cruz county jail
Prison inmates  
Mentoring program (WiPA + SPS)

Mentor an undegrad:

How to enter a research group

Grad school app advice etc.




Undergraduates in physics/astronomy  


Class designed by Ruth.

Grads can be mentors for a small research project

When the class is offered Campus? Undergraduates  
SIP Research Summer Campus?

Online Python tutorial

Basics of Python through a research paper


Sometimes in person

Usually remotely




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