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Fun things to do

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On campus

UCSC offers classes in sailing, surfing, etc. Check the course catalog. Also check out the OPERS website, which has information on how to get involved in intramural sports.



Santa Cruz is in the neighborhood of some fabulous state parks. To name a few:

  • Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park
  • Nisene Marks State Park
  • Big Basin State Park


Campus itself is adjacent to three beautiful nature preserves:

  • Wilder Ranch to the west, extending all the way to the ocean
  • Upper Campus to the north, with a network of pedestrian / horse / bike trails
  • The Pogonip to the east, with a bunch of hiking trails. Look for the koi pond. There's a stunning lookout on Coolidge Drive where you can look down on the Pogonip and much of Santa Cruz and more down the coast.



Check out

  • Natural Bridges State Park (western end of West Cliff Drive)
  • Cowell's (the beach adjacent to the boardwalk)
  • Seabright Beach (just east of the boardwalk and river, below Seabright)
  • Twin Lakes (on East Cliff Drive)
  • countless more state beaches up the north coast via Highway 1



Be aware of






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